Our Service

Bilingual Support:

Capable of bilingual communication in all forms, from presentations to document creation, ensuring seamless communication in both Japanese and English.

PR Strategy Development:

Examining the requirements of customers and staying attuned to market trends in order to carefully shape a strategic brand identity. Presenting distinctive methods that engage even busy media professionals, enticing them for interviews. Clearly outlining the brand’s vision and mission, and formulating strategies for competitive differentiation.

Press Release Composition:

Developing compelling content through the use of storytelling and visual elements to communicate a captivating brand message. Formulating press releases that incorporate inventive elements seamlessly connected to online booking platforms.

Communication with Media Professionals:

Proactively connecting with media professionals within our network and initiating outreach efforts. Employing strategies aimed at securing online media coverage to amplify brand visibility and recognition.

Event Planning and Execution:

Assisting in the organization and implementation of events to elevate brand awareness and connect with the target audience. Devising impactful event strategies, including luncheons, seminars, and promotional events, while ensuring streamlined management.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

Regularly monitoring the brand’s PR performance, conducting analysis, and generating reports.

Other PR Support Services:

Offering on-the-job training to address operational inquiries and providing support in the creation or revision of media materials. Remote assistance is also accessible for PR activities.

Marketing Strategy Development:

Tailored proposals for effective brand positioning, growth, and enhanced recognition within the market.


Crafting and refining the brand identity to evoke resonance with the targeted consumers.

Influencer Marketing:

Committed specialists recommending influencers in harmony with the brand image. Offering comprehensive services from negotiation to crafting content briefs, managing postings, and providing detailed reporting.

Content Creation:

Creating persuasive content that caters to the audience’s preferences while adhering to the brand’s tone, thereby making a valuable contribution to sales.

Copywriting (Japanese, English):

Collaborating with writers specializing in various fields, from luxury to pop culture, to offer optimal copywriting solutions.